Well, HELLO!!!


It has been a LONG TIME since I've written anything on my blog. So, let me be honest, 2018 was a ROUGH year, especially towards the end of last year. I had financial troubles, relationship problems, just a lot of things happened. Things are better, but I still have a ways to go to get back to being "normal" (whatever that means). But hey! I'm happy to just write this quick post because this honestly helps me relax and makes me happy.

Let me be honest again...

I realized that I haven't been the best to my friends. I've been basically to myself because I've been going through depression and I just didn't want to talk to anyone...and that's hard, especially since I have 2 hyper kids, which I have to be happy around. I refuse to show them my sadness.. I just can't. More on this on a later post. 

There are so many things I'm trying to work on right now, and I'm hoping it works out for me because I desperately need a win! We'll see! *Finger crossed*

Well, I just wanted to drop in and say hey! I plan on making my blog a priority, at least something that I can come to and truly write my feelings. I'll be back really soon!

Until next time, 


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