Story Time Wednesday: They Served Me A Dry Casserole, And Then A Pink Slip.

It was a beautiful Winter day. A bit warm for the month of December, but that’s Texas weather. I was actually excited to get to work because it was one of those “fun” days. You know, do little work, play several rounds of bingo and cautiously eat or not eat the food from your co-workers. I always bring something pretty easy, like soda or Hawaiian rolls.

So everyone is enjoying bingo, winning cool prizes, eating, laughing together and then we suddenly get swarmed with some accounts that needed to be completed immediately. No problem, I got my accounts and finished them by 1:15 PM and the rest of the accounts were completed by my other co workers in about the same amount of time.

So we enjoy one last game of bingo, but play the blackout version, so it took longer. I get an email from my recruiter saying, “Hey LaToya, meet me downstairs in the break room at 2:15pm.” OK, I thought maybe since it was Christmas time, I was getting a card or something, like the year before.

2:05pm comes around and I head to the downstairs break room to meet my recruiter. He’s sitting in a booth and when he sees me, he has a huge smile on his face, “Oh hey LaToya! How are you? Merry Christmas! How are your kids doing?”

“Hey! My kids are very busy, but they’re great.” We continue to talk about how the year went by so fast and how expensive Christmas is for kids and so on. What made me switch my thinking from “oh I’m getting a Christmas card” to “Oh, shit..what’s this about”, was how his next sentence started out, “Soooo… its like this LaToya.”

I felt my hands getting sweaty and my heart gave me a hard, fast thump against my chest. I’m thinking to myself, “please don’t let this man tell me I’m about to get laid off..”

Unfortunately, the company has decided not to renew your contract.”

I just stared at him.

“So, is my last day at the end of the month?”

No, your last day will be today.


So you will have to go back upstairs to enter your time, get your belongings, come back and give me your badge.”


I went back upstairs and did everything I needed to do, threw away my plate with some very dry cheese broccoli casserole, cleaned off my desk and said my goodbyes to my friends and walked back downstairs to give my recruiter my badge. The one thing I will never do is let someone see me upset.

Of course I was upset… I needed this job. It was 10 days before Christmas and I wanted to get clothes for my kids who at the time were 2 years old and 6 months old.

I walked out of the building at 2:50pm, and I cried in the car.

Yes, corporate America is a shady, shady bitch. It doesn’t care about your responsibilities, just their need to be on top and drop the people that gave their time and health..basically, their lives for a company that gives no fucks about their livelihood.

Maybe I should have left after the whole desk situation, but I wanted to stay and help a company, in some naive way, become better. I know now that I will never let a job take away my sanity. They will let you go without warning and have a replacement the next week.

Which is exactly what they did.

This is Corporate America.

Ever get fired/laid off suddenly? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,