My Cubicle Is A Soul Snatcher

My Cubicle Is A Soul Snatcher


My Love/Hate For The 8 Hour Dungeon

I have a love/hate relationship with my cubicle. 8 hours a day sitting in the same spot can be torture for someone like me. There’s no decorating in the world that makes me love it more, but I have a few things about sitting at a cubicle that can be beneficial and a few not so beneficial.


I can eat my food in peace without having to glance at someone staring me straight in my face every time I put food in my mouth.

So, this has happen to me more times than I’ve liked… I could be eating a sandwich and right as my mouth is open ready to bite down, I see a pair of eyes looking dead in my mouth. WTF!

I have my own space and I don’t have to worry about someone reaching over to look or touch my things.

I write a lot of ideas in my journal and I feel like the information is safe while sitting in my cubicle. I had a job where the desk had NO cubicle wall, so every little thing you do, everyone could see it. A lady came over behind my chair and looked over my shoulder and OPENED my journal to see what I was writing about… Are you fucking serious?!? I snapped at her and told her, “This is none of your business!” She was upset, but oh well!

But the hate is real in this cubicle dungeon.


I’m in jail. Why the hell is the color of the cubicle this ugly beige/gray, drab color?

I need some type of color to push along the day to give me some kind of energy. It honestly drains me when I see the same color all around me for 8+ hours.

Feeling trapped… literally.

Trapped in the mind, mostly… but you get what I’m saying.

It honestly makes me feel depressed.

The mind is a powerful thing. Any and everything flows through mine and I start to doubt myself and tell myself that this is going to be my life…stuck in a cubicle/ dead end job. I try to sneak off and take little 5 minute breaks just to break free from those thoughts. It helps sometimes.

Of course I feel guilty as hell for complaining because it looks like I’m not appreciating the job I have. So here’s what’s really wrong.

My Soul Needs Nourishment

There is something out there that keeps calling me to take a leap and follow my heart. I can write out ideas and scribble drawings in my journal to my heart’s desire, but if I’m not putting in the action towards making things come together, then I’m just wasting my time and ink writing down my plans just to stare at them on a piece of paper.

Stop Letting Fear Stop You Before You Start

I need to do the things that make my soul come alive. I need to take action even if I’m not sure its the right thing to do. I think this is something that we should all do. We want to wait until the perfect moment to start, and in reality we know it’s never a perfect time...ever. I’m a perfectionist. That’s why I’m in this position right now. I want it to be just right… but all that is doing is freezing me in my steps and I, therefore, waste more months, more years not going for what I feel in my heart.

Are you going through something similar? What is your soul telling you to do? Please share! Leave a comment below!

Take Care and Follow Your Soul

Until next time!


Stop Worrying About What You Write... Easier Said Than Done

Stop Worrying About What You Write... Easier Said Than Done

Well, HELLO!!!

Well, HELLO!!!