All in New Journey

Meet Me For Coffee in 2018

I'm calling it out right now.. 

No more Fear in 2018

I will start conversations with people.

I will reach out through email to network with other bloggers.

I will make this blog WORK! 

So, for me to make things happen and start this new year off right, one main thing I need to do that may be a little hard for me is to talk to other bloggers! In person and through email. 

Annnd typing that just made me nervous...

A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear younger self,

Stop what you're doing. You know you don't have to be with him, right? Trust me. He never had great intentions for you. The day he cowardly broke up with you through a letter saying, "I can love you one day, just not today", should have been your exit, but I understand, you're 14 years old.