All in Life

Meet Me For Coffee in 2018

I'm calling it out right now.. 

No more Fear in 2018

I will start conversations with people.

I will reach out through email to network with other bloggers.

I will make this blog WORK! 

So, for me to make things happen and start this new year off right, one main thing I need to do that may be a little hard for me is to talk to other bloggers! In person and through email. 

Annnd typing that just made me nervous...

Can I Please Eat In Peace??

Here it is again. The season for more family gatherings and parties. SUMMER. *Sigh* I get so uncomfortable at gatherings. It feels like I can not be myself comfortably. On one hand, you want to socialize with some people, then that feeling of awkwardness takes over because you don't really know how to start a conversation.