My 5 Biggest Regrets After College

My 5 Biggest Regrets After College

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I wish I had a time machine to go back in time to change the things I did and also the things I didn't do. So many opportunities passed by me while I was in college that I didn't realize until years later after I graduated. Here's some regrets I had after college.

Getting Conned Into Signing Up For Credit Cards In Exchange For Free Food

Oh yeah. They knew exactly what they were doing having all these "Free" Food signs around campus. Unfortunately, nothing is ever just free... I had to sign up for a credit card to receive my free food. Of course, I naively signed up because I was not that knowledgeable about credit at the time and I just wanted that instant satisfaction of getting all of this free food.

When I received my credit cards, I spent so much money on a lot of things! Filled up my gas tank, went out to eat all the time and bought clothes. I did manage to pay for some books and supplies I needed for my art classes, but I was still irresponsible with my spending because I was not paying it back on time or at all. 

My Dad actually brought it to my attention that having this type of bad credit will hurt you more in the long run, so he helped me in paying my debt while I was in college to avoid the headache later. Thank you, Daddy! 

Paying For School In Another Way

Continuing from my bad choices with credit cards, another bad choice I made was getting student loans! They still haunt me until this day, unfortunately. If you do take out student loans, please understand the terms of that loan like how much you’re borrowing, the interest rate, and your options for paying back the money. Some students were so happy that they could even get a loan (me included) not knowing what type of loan they even signed up for. Carefully consider all available options!

Signing Up For That 8am Class... And Eventually Dropping The Class

Waking up for high school was so easy! I had my Mom wake me up, of course! In college, it felt extremely hard to wake up before 11am! So why in the heck did I sign up for an 8:00am class?!? For your sanity, don't do it! I've never been a morning person, I should have known better. 



Not Getting Out & Enjoying The People And Places Around Campus

Most people know that I am an introvert (read about that here) and sometimes it can be difficult for me to even have a conversation without feeling highly awkward and wanting to retreat to be by myself, but the one thing I wish I did while I was in college was to have gotten out more to explore the people and my campus more.

At the time, my school was building  new dorm apartments and it was first come first serve for those that wanted to get their own room with their own bathroom, so you know I zoomed to sign up for that! The other part of the apartment I would be sharing with 2 other girls, but they would have to share a bathroom [insert happy dance]. I wanted all of my personal space to myself, of course.

But what that also did was make it to where I didn't leave out of my room that much like I should have. I was so comfortable in being to myself that I missed out on so many fun things happening around campus. If you're an introverted person, I know it is hard to put yourself out there, but it is something that will help you out in the long run. It could open you up to new experiences you never thought you would find. Take that leap! 

Hustle Harder For That Internship/ Work Experience

I don't know why I thought just because I was in college that opportunities would just fall in my lap.... I was extremely WRONG! What I should have done was work my butt off to obtain those internships and probably today, my career life would be totally different. I, admittedly, didn't work hard enough to get internships or gain more work experience while in college because I thought it was supposed to just happen with little work on my end. Whatever you do, whatever you're passionate about, work hard for it so you will not regret your career choices later. 

Life happens. Regrets will happen, but it's about looking at your regrets and learning from them. You don't have to live in the past of "I should have done this". Every past regret has something that you value today, so now you know exactly what you value and you can work on that. 

Do you have any regrets from college? Is it one of the regrets listed above? Please let me know in the comments! 

Until Next Time! 


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