Beautiful Stock Photos of People of Color...For Free!

Beautiful Stock Photos of People of Color...For Free!


There has always been a lack of representation of African Americans when I used to search for stock photos. I just wanted to view images of people that looked like me... did the activities that I enjoyed, but it was nearly impossible. Unfortunately, some stock images only showed us in a stereotypical way... you know, the angry or criminal type of imagery.   

I recently came across a few websites that show images of people of color doing normal, everyday things that I do myself!

According to, Marketer Jacques Bastien, "created a photo stock service where people of color aren't reduced to stereotypes". He discovered this issue while trying to locate images for presentations to his clients. This is the reason for launching, which features black and brown people enjoying everyday things: "eating pizza, hanging with friends, or going for a run." And the best part is... THEY'RE FREE!! Here's some examples of what you'll see: 


Another website, which is popular and most people know, is Unsplash. This website has millions of photos of everything, not only photos of people of color, so you'll have to try a few different types of word searches to find certain types of photos, but they're available. For this particular search, I typed in AFRO and about 300 + photos showed up for the results. Here are a few: 

I think Unsplash has come a long way. It used to be difficult to find these type of images, so I am happy that they are adding more variety when it comes to stock photos of people of color. 


Reshot is a website that was just brought to my attention recently and I love how the photos are not the typical stocky like images you see everywhere.  Photos are added regularly, so keep checking! 


Other Stock Photos Websites 

These are stock photo websites that are not entirely free, but the images are beautiful and can make your content stand out for what ever you are trying to achieve. So, if you're willing to pay a little for beautiful photos, these websites would be the way to go. 


Eye For Ebony



I will update this list as I receive more information.

What do you think about these websites? Are there other websites that display people of color that you are familiar of?   Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

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