Took A Break, Now I'm Back To Writing Again

Took A Break, Now I'm Back To Writing Again


You know how you get excited about something and it gives you a certain type of energy? Well, that's how I'm feeling today! I took a break from blogging because I was just too stressed out from life and also stressed about my blog. I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about... I'm still not sure, BUT I'm in a much better mind set than I was before. Here's some reason why you should consider taking a break from your blog:

You're Feeling Burnt Out.

You're feeling disgusted with your blog. Nothing you write sounds good. You're getting frustrated with trying to come up with a topic that makes any sense. Trust me, you're not alone. Its not easy trying to come up with things you think others will read. I struggle with that still, but I had to tell myself that I can't please everyone and if I try to create for everyone else, then it will not be genuine. 

You Need To Recharge

Blogging can be draining! Not only are you trying to think of all these different topics, you're worried about the look of your blog, whether you're posting and sharing your blog enough on social media, checking stats like crazy... You need a break from it all! 


Blogging Is Starting To Feel Like A Hassle 

Everything you're doing for your blog is beginning to feel like "work" and now you can't stand the thought of coming up with any ideas. Now, yes, I know some people do get paid to blog and it is considered a part time/side hustle for them, but when it starts to not be fun anymore, then you should take a step back and really ask yourself, "Why did I start blogging?" And think about how it made you feel when you first started. 


So What's New With Me? 

Well, I'm back to working again after being out of work for about 6 months. I was a temporary stay at home mom, which was nice, but I needed to make some sort of income. The job that I have now, though not what I wanted, is something that is helpful for my family. I'm getting back on track with paying my bills, and this anxiety that I have is slowly going away from the stress. Things are looking okay.

Encouraging Friends

I have been writing SO many ideas in my journal. I can't say exactly what I'm trying to do just yet (fingers crossed), but it involves design. I have a friend ( LaTrice.. hey girl!!) that gives the most honest and thoughtful advice. We used to work together and we would always talk about our different plans and goals that we need to accomplish. I also have a Twitter friend, Candace.. She's another blogger ( and we talk about our ups and downs, but she is always so encouraging and helpful when I vent about my issues. I truly thank them both for dealing with my indecisiveness and fears because I surely did complain A LOT! 


This was just a quick update.. nothing too major, but its good to write out my thoughts on my blog. I'm still in the brainstorming part of how to change things up on here, but hey, I'm writing again! Everything is a work in progress... and I'm happy about it! 

Have you ever taken a break from your blog or writing in general? What are your plans to making things better in your life? Leave me a comment below! 


Until Next Time,


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