So.... Let's Talk About January

So.... Let's Talk About January


I know what you're thinking... "Girl, you wrote that blog post being all inspirational and wanting to change for 2018... what's wrong now?" I still want change in my life, but when I tell you things blocked the hell out of my stride, it BLOCKED IT! 

Career Change?? Ummmmm....

As much as I want to pursue a different career than the one I was laid off from, its not easy. I am having to possibly take a job in that career field again until I can finally step away from it permanently. Right now, I'm in the process of taking classes from (if you heard of them or have taken their classes, please let me know) because I really do want to get into visual design and then eventually coding. This expense will put me back a little in the financials, but they have a monthly plan I will do... but that lingering voice in my head always get me.. "you don't know what you're doing... what if you fail?" I'm pushing forward and shutting that voice out of my head and  I'm just doing it. Yes, I am scared, but a change is desperately needed. 

I Have Neglected My Blog

I love writing! I wish I could spend my whole day scheduling posts for the week, updating instagram (I really neglected instagram) and setting my Pinterest to help my blog gain more views... but I have 2 main reasons I can barely get on my computer.... 

KID #1 and KID #2

The only reason I'm typing this post is because they are both asleep.. at the same damn time!!

That never happens unless its late in the evening.. then I'm too tired to do anything after getting both of them to sleep. Having a 2 year old and an 8 month old...I love them dearly, but mama is tired!!! And mama got thangs to do!!  So right now, I got laundry to do and dishes to wash, but I knew if I started that and they wake up, my writing would never get done. So I'm sacrificing (for the moment) doing those "fun" things for some me time! 

So my 2018 didn't start off as I intended.. I'm still trying to make some changes; just not as fast as I thought, but still definitely pushing forward. 

How was your start to 2018? Let me know in the comments! 

P.S. *And whoever came up with that, "Sleep when your babies are sleeping.." Did you have a maid and chef in your home?? It is impossible to have a nice looking home if I sleep when they sleep! Shoot, I'm behind as it is!!  Nope! I couldn't do it! ** Ok.. Quick venting session complete! :)

Until next time,


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No Blog Post For 3 Months?? What Have I Been Doing??

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