In Cubicle Jail? Here's 5 Beautiful Home Offices That Will Bring You Joy And Slight Jealousy

In Cubicle Jail? Here's 5 Beautiful Home Offices That Will Bring You Joy And Slight Jealousy

A windowless, gray dungeon.

That's what it feels and looks like to come to work everyday. I've never been a fan of working in a cubicle because it feels depressing and honestly, I think I'm too creative to sit in a colorless box with no personality **toots nose up**, but these bills will not pay themselves! If only I could create a workspace (preferably, at home, lol) that brings out the life and happiness of actually doing my job. So, here's a list I created on Pinterest called My kind of workspace! I hate cubicles! These are my top 5 office spaces that would keep me working happily for 8 hours a day.

     1. The "Great View" Workspace

*Sigh* There is nothing I would enjoy more than to have a beautiful view while working. Well, that may also make it hard to work, but I would be happy completing any and all projects. This would make everyday a great day to work. 

       2. Cute and Simple

 The smell of fresh flowers filling the air in the room brings so much peace and tranquility, but there's nothing worse than trying to work in a cluttered, unorganized space. Organization and simplicity will make working a breeze.

     3. Open Office Space

This may not be a typical home office, but this being a work office is cool. No cubicles to make you feel like you're trapped and still a nice view to let your thoughts and creativity run wild. Where is this type of workspace at? I need to apply for a job!

     4. Relaxed and Plain

This time around, plain and relaxed is a good way of describing this workspace. Something like this will have you in your creative zone fully concentrated on completing your projects.

   5. Uptown/Downtown

I've always dreamt of living in a "deluxe apartment in the sky". The loft-like look always made me think of art... I know, weird. This type of space would have me working day and night completing projects for work and home. I would have all of my creations on the walls!

What type of workspace fits your personality? What was your favorite? Leave a comment below!

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