Where is the Love?

Where is the Love?


***This is a post I did not publish last year for reasons unknown. Maybe it was out fear because this was one of the first blog posts I wrote for my blog and I didn't know how it would be received by others. Looking back, I wish I did publish it. *** 


Everyone has seen and heard about the tragedy in Orlando, FL. and my heart hurts for the lost lives and lives affected from this horrible act of terror. I'm originally from Tampa, FL. and just knowing that this event happened in my home state, on a casual night out with friends, is very disturbing and heart breaking. It seriously makes you second guess the everyday places you go with your loved ones. Unfortunately, we live in a world where schools, movie theaters, churches and other very common places are not safe anymore.

I remember when I was an innocent 8 year old, not knowing of any hate in the world. I used to play with my friends: White, Hispanic, really just everyone that would run around with me. We played hide-go-seek, running through the sprinklers on the hot Texas summer days and spending the night at the skating rink for all skate night slumber parties (supervised, of course). Now, I don't think I can see my son doing those same things that I used to do anymore.

I'm paranoid and scared of what someone can do because they hate his skin color or preference in who he loves.

All these mass shootings and still no strict, direct decision on gun control.

Sandy Hook. 20 children aged 6-7, Six Adults trying to save them.

Virginia Tech. 32 people.

Bible Study at Charleston, SC. House of the Lord. 9 people gunned down

And many more other mass shooting.

I pray this never happens again.

Just as I typed that, I remembered, I (and many others) have prayed that this would not happen again and still it does.

What will it take to change these laws? Is it really about the right to bare arms? Because it violates your right to bare arms? What will it take? Does this tragic event have to happen to your family first before you even consider? Look, no one wants you to give your guns away. That's not the purpose of changing gun laws. We just want tougher laws that can prevent THIS from happening again.

I'm beyond tired of seeing #RIP and #Prayfor"City". Why is it so hard to love and let people love? When has hate helped us with any situation we have in this world?

Where is the love?

Its time to disarm hate.




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