My Birth Story.. Welcoming Marlee

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I know.. I'm past due for updating you guys, especially since I've given birth to my little ladybug, Marlee, on June 9th! As you can imagine, things have been hectic! Having a 2 year old and trying to keep him from feeling left out ( A LOT of positive reinforcement) cause for a very busy household! Here's my story.

May 29, 2017

I was determined to stay working at my job until June 1st, but at this point in my pregnancy, I was OVER IT! This morning and EVERY morning for the past 3 months, I felt exhausted. Baby girl gave me NO rest! The thousands of trips to the bathroom during the night and constant back pain while laying down was horrible.  I was swollen everywhere, my hair looked like I just rolled out of bed, my clothes turned against me and everybody got on my LAST NERVE. 

This morning, I had a doctor's appointment just to check out where the baby was positioned and to listen to the heartbeat. I left the doctor's office to go back to work and I immediately regretted not taking the whole day off. I could barely walk! My feet looked like marshmallows stuffed inside shoes, but I was determined to make it back. 

June 1, 2017

My last day at work and I was beyond happy! My co workers took me out to lunch and I left for the day! I know getting home to finally fix up my baby's room would be the priority.. (yes, I know.. I procrastinated hard!) So at this point, the countdown was on... 8 days! And those days were filled with relaxing, eating, sleeping and getting my mind ready for another little human to take over our world. 


June 8th- 7:30pm

We wanted to take our son out to eat since this was the last day as a family of 3, and I wanted to make him happy and continue to show him that he will always be important to us even though a new baby will be joining our family. On the inside, I was a nervous wreck. 


Here We Go! 

June 9th- 3:30am

My emotions were everywhere. I got up and took a nice warm bath and just cried. I don't know why it all of a sudden hit me because I told myself weeks ago how I was soooo ready to have this baby, but the fear of two scared the shit out of me! I quickly snapped out of it. I took a deep breath and thanked God for giving me the opportunity to carry this baby. I know there are women that would have loved to experience this very moment and can not. 

June 9th - 4:30am

"I can't find my sports bra!" I knew there was something I forgot to pack and now I can't even find it! So, what do me and the boyfriend do?? Head to Walmart and grab a neon blue sports bra with 15 minutes left to get to the hospital. We get to the hospital and thought we were going to the correct door... NOT! What should have took us 2 minutes to get to the nurses' station, took us 10 minutes! Try to envision this: speed walking and waddling at 9 months pregnant, swollen legs and feet rushing through the quiet halls at a hospital at 5am.  

So, we finally get to the nurse station where they walk me to the prep room to get changed into my hospital gown. I get on the hospital bed and I'm asked what felt like 50 questions about everything and honestly I couldn't remember most of the questions. My heart was beating so fast, I almost felt like I was about to have a panic attack. I didn't feel like this when I had my son. I was scared. They continue to prep me before going back to the operating room. No turning back now.... here we go!

As they roll me to the operating room, I start to pray for the safe delivery of my little girl. As I prepare for the anesthesiologist to give me the spinal block (the most common type of anesthesia used for a planned C-Section) I wanted to have my boyfriend come in and hold my hands as they give me the epidural, like he did when I had my son, but they didn't let him! He tried to explain that he came in last time, but some new law that didn't allow for him to come in... I was so hurt and upset! I had to hold the nurses' hands instead while they put this uncomfortable needle in my back.. *Sigh*.

With the epidural complete, my boyfriend comes in and stands on the left of me. I'm laying down looking up at the ceiling and shaking because it was extremely cold in the room. One of the nurses gives me a warm blanket and put it around my neck and arms, which are spread out on the table. It's so funny what pops in your head when your highly medicated.. I started to randomly think about popcorn.. I know, WEIRD!! I wanted a bag of movie theater popcorn! The medicine made me feel like I was outside of my body watching myself about to have a C-section. That's some STRONG medicine! 

I snapped back when my doctor asked me, "Can you feel me doing this?" Apparently, she pinching the hell out of my skin and I couldn't feel a thing. I tell her no and she says, "That's good because I've already started the incision." WHOA! So my doctor asks my boyfriend, "If you like, you can play some music so we can all jam." (My doctor is the best!) So, the first song that happens to play was Bob Marley's, "Is This Love". All the doctors in the room seemed to love it and really were jamming to it! Then suddenly......


That was music to my ears! My doctor lifted her up and showed us her little squirming body and all I could do was stare at her. She was beautiful!

I was speechless.

To have her in my body for 9 months, to feel her heartbeat and little kicks and to finally see her, its a feeling that is indescribable. My world has changed for the better... the second time around. 

Since she came into the world to the song, "Is This Love ,"by Bob Marley, we chose the name Marlee! She joins her big brother, Maison, to continue to bring joy, happiness and craziness to our lives.