Natural Hair Youtuber Spotlight: Naptural85

I LOVE NAPTURAL85! My favorite hair crush!! I watched her hair tutorials when I was debating back and forth whether I wanted to become natural and leave the creamy crack (relaxer) alone. One of the major reasons I went natural was because of the chemical burns on my scalp and thinning hair. (You can read that post about my "Lovely 7 hours in the Hair Salon" right here.) My biggest fear about becoming natural was the fact that I thought I had to do the "Big Chop" or cut all my hair off to become natural. While that is a way to start, my immediate thought was, "My head is WAY TOO BIG for short hair!"

So that's when I searched YouTube for some answers and that is when I was introducted to Naptural85 (Whitney White). She posted a video about transitioning from relaxed to natural hair that answered all my questions. 

So far, I have learned so much about what to put in my hair and what not to put in my hair. Being natural is a bit time consuming and can be frustrating, especially in the beginning because you are basically trying new things to see if your hair will react positively or negatively to certain products. There were times where I wanted to just give up and go back to a relaxer, but I knew I would be going back to the same problems I faced while being relaxed.. the chemical burns, thinning/breaking hair and having to get a relaxer every 6-7 weeks.. I couldn't do it. I remained patient with my hair and I started to see results.


After seeing my hair's true curl pattern, I could never go back to the "creamy crack". I honestly never thought my hair had this type of curl pattern because I have had a relaxer for so long... all I knew was just straight, "relaxed" hair. I still have a ways to go, but thanks to Whitney and her helpful tutorials and encouragement of going natural, I feel so much better about my decision to keep going. Check out her YouTube Channel, Naptural85 for more of her DIY products and beautiful natural hairstyles!

Take Care.... of your hair!